Adelaide - NBN FTTN Cable Installation

What is 'Fibre To The Node' or FTTN?

FTTN or 'Fibre to the Node' is a 'last mile' VDSL technology NBN have implemented in many suburbs around Adelaide

NBN have run fibre optic cables into areas and installed 'nodes'node , essentially mini exchanges, at their end. From there they use the existing telephone copper cables to deliver the last section of your internet service. Nodes deliver services to homes and businesses to a maximum of 1.3km from their location (total copper line length, not 'as the crow flies')

How Do You Connect To FTTN?

FTTN requires an active telephone socket to work. You can shift your FTTN VDSL modem from one socket to another inside your premises as long as the socket is connected to the network and has no filtering installed

FTTN VDSL works best when only a single line is connected between the building entry point (where the NBN line meets your house) and your wall socket. If you have multiple sockets connected, known as 'bridge taps', or 'bridged taps', your connection speeds can be severely affected, sometimes losing as much as half the available sync speed.

Common problems we find are;

  • ADSL Central Splittersnode were installed to filter out the ADSL signal to all but one socket, the socket which was used for the modem. Although some of the latest splitters were VDSL2 compatible, the vast majority are not and can cause regular sync loss on NBN FTTN services. These should be removed.
  • Poor Terminationsnode behind sockets, or in the roof space, will cause poor sync speeds and regular dropouts.
  • Bridge Taps - Having more than one line/socket in the premises connected to the network (‘bridge taps', or 'bridged taps’) will lower your attainable sync speed by up to half. It’s always better to disconnect unused sockets. In many cases NBN will not attend a fault if multiple socket are connected, something they can see by sending out pulses from their DSLAM.

Optimising FTTN VDSL

To achieve the best possible connection speeds available to you it's always best to either disconnect all unused cabling, and central splitters, or have a new line run direct from the building entry point to your modem location.

With over two decades of experience in resolving internal customer cabling issues, cabling installations, and since its inception, ADSL installations and faults, eTechs will make sure you get the best connection available to you.

Our Technicians carry the same test instruments NBN technicians carry (VIAVI ONX-580). VDSL and copper cable specific test equipment. We can test your connection at the entry point and ensure you get the same speeds at your socket. There is no guess work.

Our friendly and experienced technicians can attend and install this cabling for you, to the location where you require your modem to be placed.

Please call our office on 08 8463 1161 to arrange for a technician to attend, or alternatively, use our booking form.

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With over 25 years of Telecommunications and Telstra cabling experience around Adelaide, you can count on us to deliver a quality installation that meets all relevant Australian Standards. We pride ourselves on being very meticulous. In fact, we are so confident in our work that we offer a lifetime warranty on our workmanship.

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