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Services and Pricing


Home or Office
Network Data points from
  • From a single network cable link to a full home or office installation. eTechs can make sure you have connectivity where and when you need it.
    For an estimate of cost for larger projects you can email your requirements to admin@etechs.com.au
    A member of staff will assess your cabling needs and reply normally within 24 hours.

    Price is based on one hour on site. Additional time will incur extra charges.

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Cabling Clean Up

Home or Office
  • NBN VDSL services can be dramatically affected by excess cabling in your home. It is recommended that all sockets be removed from the NBN line leaving only one socket for the VDSL service.
    We can in most cases also rewire your existing cabling to feed the VOIP service from your modem back to your existing sockets/Alarm system.

    Note: VOIP patching is dependent on existing cabling having the capacity to feed the service back to the existing sockets. If additional cabling is required this will be quoted during the callout.
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NBN Cabling

New cable run
Building entry point to socket from
  • If you have old or damaged telephone cabling, to optimise your NBN, you may need a new cable run from the building entry point to your socket. We can run a new cat3 cat5e or cat6 cable from the NBN entry point to your building to an existing or new location. This type of work can normaly be completed within 1.5 hours.
    For more information you can email us at
    or call our office on 08 8463 1161

    Price is based on one hour on site. Additional time will incur extra charges.
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Service Callout

for miscellaneous work
  • Callout for any of our services - Includes the first 30 Min on site for fault location, extra socket installation, network cabling, hardware installation. Ect..

    Charges after the first 30 min callout period are charged at $22 per 15 min.
    For more information on callout charges in your area you can email us at
    or call our office on 08 8463 1161

    Best Value
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Connection Analysis

Fault Location
  • Using ADSL/VDSL specific test equipment, we analyse your connection for any issues which may be causing you slow speeds or loss of connectivity.
    Includes first 30 minutes on site.
    Faults found on your internal cabling can be quickly rectified, as our technicians carry all the necessary equipment and parts to fix any fault.
    eTechs' specialised and detailed reports can assist you to have your external fault rectified by the carrier/wholesaler.
    We are one of very few licensed companies to offer a specialised testing service for ADSL and NBN VDSL services.
    For more information you can email us at
    or call our office on 08 8463 1161
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A-B MDF Connection

New Service
  • If you live in an apartment and have ordered a broadband service, then you may require a private technician to complete the connection from the building main distribution frame (MDF) to your apartment socket.
    When you order a telephone or broadband service and your building has a main distribution frame (MDF) then the MDF is the network boundary. Carriers are not required to connect the service from the MDF to the socket. This is normally done by a private and licenced technician. To book a connection callout you can email us at
    or call our office on 08 8463 1161

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We are ACMA licensed cablers. We specialise in communications and Data technology, fault finding and rectification as well as home or office network and telephone cabling

From a single socket installation to a complete home or office network, you can rely on eTechs to get it right. With our years of experience in the communications industry you can rest assured that our installation will be completed to comply with all Australian Standards.

  • A to B MDF Connections
  • Central Splitter Installation
  • Additional Telephone Socket Installation
  • Home or Office Network cabling
  • NBN Cabling
  • Fault location for DSL Services
  • Exchange End Testing Available for ISP's
  • WiFi Access point Installation
  • Point to Point wireless Bridge installation
  • Upgrades and Maintenance for Service Providers
  • ...
    In-Home cabling optimisation for NBN, ADSL,VDSL

    Improving in-home cabling can dramatically increase your NBN FTTN/FTTC speed

    The cabling in your premises is vitally important to your set-up if you want to get the most out of your internet connection.

    In many cases, the cabling inside your premises is just as important to the speed you experience as the cabling outside. If your premises has evidence of older phone installations it may be worth having your home assessed by an eTechs technician.

    The quality of the cabling inside your home can contribute to the speeds you will experience. Wiring your home is an important consideration when you're moving to the national broadband network (NBN). Upgrading your home's cables and wires to handle technology often gets overlooked, but it is very important if you want to have a network that delivers the NBN internet services you want, where you want them. Cabling is just as important for creating the best wireless network at home too.


    The Big Question ?

    Will cleaning up my in-home cabling increase my speed?

    NBN FTTN and FTTC are new technologies to Australia, but already the evidence is overwhelming in that an estimated 95% of our callouts to clean up and test internal cabling has resulted in significant speed increases and a more stable connection. In a typical two story house with 4-5 sockets, you could expect an increase in the sync rate once we clean up and remove unused cabling from the service.
    A typical speed increase from this type of cable setup are upward of 20mbps. We have seen sync rate increase from 25mbps to 90mbps on some work we have done.


    Fibre to the Node and Curb is not as forgiving as ADSL.
    Even if you’re internal cabling is in good condition and you have two or more sockets connected to the service, they will impact the speed. eTechs have been testing and repairing DSL services since the inception of ADSL over 15 years ago. The knowledge and experience we have gained throughout the years allows us to quickly identify and repair issues that are affecting your service.

    Frequently Asked


    eTechs are here to help
    If you cannot find your answer here then you can send your question directly to one of our field technicians via email.
    Click the button below to Ask A Tech now.

    Please note that technicians may take several hours to respond due to work load and replies may be short in their response. If your question requires a detailed response then please send your question to eTechs Administration

    Ask A Tech
    There are many causes of loss of sync on an NBN VDSL or standard ADSL service.
    In our years of work on DSL services, we have identified five issues which are the most common causes.
    Unfiltered devices on the DSL line (Telephone or Alarm systems)
    Remedy: Make sure all unfiltered devices are either removed from the DSL line or have an inline filter attached. In the case of back to base alarm systems, you may require the installation of a Central splitter for legacy ADSL. For NBN FTTN/FTTC, your monitoring company will be able to organise the installation of a cellular device to continue your monitoring.

    Faulty joins in cables or faulty internal wiring.
    Wires twisted together in the roof, or corroded/poorly terminated wires at the socket are both a major cause of slow DSL and loss of connectivity. Faulty cables can also be a cause, however in most cases the terminations that join the cables are the culprit. If you experience sync issues only at certain times, for example at dawn or dusk, the most common issue is temperature change, which will cause faulty joins to expand and contract resulting in loss of sync. An eTechs technician can quickly identify these types of issues. We can normally locate faulty joins or terminations within 30 min. Book a technician now

    Faulty modem or patch leads and telephone adaptors.
    Faulty modems are also a cause, however if your modem is faulty it is most likely to not connect at all, rather than have intermittent disconnections. If you have lost connectivity completely then one of the first steps to take is to try an alternate modem. If you can borrow a modem from a friend or neighbour for testing then it will save you the expense of buying one unnecessarily. Your service provider may also be able to send you a loan test modem.
    Long patch leads should be avoided. We recommend a maximum length of 2m between your telephone outlet and the modem. Replacing the telephone cable should also be one of the first steps to take in troubleshooting disconnection issues.
    If you have an old style 600 series telephone outlet then you will need a telephone adaptor to connect your newer style RJ patch lead. These adaptors are cheaply made and are notorious for being faulty. Upgrading you socket to a newer style RJ socket would be the best solution

    Fault on the carrier line external to your property.
    Faults on the external Telstra/NBN line are also a common occurrence, however we find more faults with ADSL services due to the longer line length. Our testing shows that NBN FTTC and FTTN services have fewer external faults compared to ADSL, however we estimate that around 10% of speed and loss of sync issues that we have tested on NBN services are due to external factors and 90% being with internal customer cabling.
    Your first port of call if you suspect an external fault should be your service provider. They will perform remote testing and may send one of their technicians to investigate further.
    Your service provider however may not have the resources or expertise to effectively diagnose and resolve your issue which may leave you in limbo with slow or disconnecting Internet.
    At this point you may wish to engage an eTechs technician to test the external carrier line for faults. eTechs have the necessary tools and experience to locate issues that could be affecting your service. eTechs have been working with Internet Service Providers since the introduction of ADSL in Australia and have developed the skills needed to help resolve ADSL and VDSL related issues. Book a technician now

    Excessive cabling and sockets in your building.
    NBN FTTC and FTTN are dramatically affected by excess cabling and sockets in your home.
    Your service provider may also refer to this issue with your cabling as a “Bridge Tap”
    In simple terms, If you have any more than one socket connected to your NBN VDSL line then the chances are you will not experience the throughput speed that your line is capable of, and may also experience intermittent loss of connectivity. It is recommended that all sockets be disconnected from the NBN line, leaving only one socket. This will ensure that your internal cabling is optimal. It is also recommended that the older style 600 series sockets be replaced with the newer RJ type. NBN will generally not attend a fault when a Bridge Tap is found inside the customer home (remote testing). They will ask that you have these removed to see if this is the cause of the issue.Book a technician now

    For NBN FTTN and FTTC services, we find that 90% of speed issues are related to customer Internal cabling. NBN services (VDSL) are dramatically effected by reflections from internal cables branching off (bridge Taps) to various sockets. Even if you have a new house with new cat6 cables, your speed will be reduced if you have more than one socket connected.
    If your house cabling is wired in series (daisy chain) then the end socket will always be the best socket to use. If you use the middle socket in a chain then you will most likely have speed issues and may wish to have your unused sockets removed.
    ADSL can also be affected by the same issues, however not nearly as dramatically as VDSL.
    Other issues affecting your service may be due to a faulty carrier line, faulty sockets or joins in your internal cabling.
    eTechs can quickly identify the cause of DSL issues and rectify any faults with your internal cabling. eTechs also use specialised testing equipment to analyse the carriers line and report any issues found.

    When it comes to increasing the speed of your broadband service, you are limited in what you can do yourself to improve your service. Due to laws regulating the telecommunications industry, the customer is prevented from making any changes to cabling without a license. End consumers can however engage a licensed cabling contractor to make alterations to the customer cabling which may increase the speed of their service. . Book a technician now
    When it comes to ADSL or VDSL issues you should engage a licensed cabler who specialises in the DSL technology.
    Not all licenced cablers are able to recognise and diagnose issues affecting a DSL service. The technician you engage should carry specialised test equipment to test the copper lines for potential faults.
    Some electricians are licensed to work on telephone/DSL lines, however in our experience (fixing their mistakes) they generally are not equipped to diagnose issues.
    eTechs specialise in DSL technology. We have been working on DSL services since the introduction of ADSL to Australia. We have the equipment, experience and knowledge to locate and repair faults affecting your broadband service. Book a technician now

    In terms of having the best speed possible from the NBN node to your modem, the optimal setup is to have one cable running from your building entry point to one socket in your house. Book a technician now
    If your internal cabling is not damaged in any way, then in most cases you do not need to run a new cable. Existing cables can normally be rewired to disconnect all unused sockets and cabling and connect the NBN service straight through to one socket. This process will normally take between 30-60 min. Book a technician now
    Telephone services through the NBN are now provided through your modem as a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service.
    This means that you can plug your telephone handset in to the VoIP port of the modem to receive and make calls as you normally would with a landline telephone.
    This does not mean however that your existing sockets and telephone equipment need to be obsolete.
    eTechs technicians can rewire your existing cabling to feed the VoIP port of the modem back through to your existing sockets. This type of work normally takes between 30 and 60 min. Book a technician now
    Yes you can use your existing sockets for your telephone service, however your internal cabling will need to be rewired to feed the VoIP telephone service from your modem VoIP port back to your existing sockets. Book a technician now
    There are a few things to consider when deciding to install Ethernet over using Wi-Fi.
    For streaming movies or general internet browsing, Wi-Fi is generally a pretty good and cheap option, however in an environment where you need consistent connection speeds and throughput such as gaming or large file transfer then Ethernet would be the preferred choice of connection. In reality, your home or office would have a combination of both. Book a technician now
    eTechs are and always have been focused on providing a reliable service to achieve the best possible outcome to our clients. Everyone who works at eTechs is accountable for providing a quality level of service, backed up with a guarantee of good workmanship.
    eTechs do not hire untrained and unsupervised contractors on the other side of the country to our offices. We Currently operate in Adelaide only, which enables us to stay focused on providing and maintaining the quality of service we have provided to the telecommunications industry for over 15 years.
    Yes, If you are having issues with the troubleshooting steps being asked of you by your service provider, or don’t know how to have your issue resolved, then eTechs can advocate for you.
    For this to occur you need to call your service provider and authorise eTechs communications Pty Ltd to act on your behalf to deal with issues relating to your account.
    The Authorisation can be valid only for one particular fault/issue or can run indefinitely for future use.
    This can be done whilst the technician is on site or if a technician visit is not required it can be done prior to our contact with the provider. Contact us now for further information

    Fault Testing and Cabling Process.

    The first step to having your issue resolved is to contact us either by calling our office on 08 8463 1161. Our staff will advise you of the best course of action to resolve your issue. You can also send us an email detailing your issues and your preferred day and time for a technician callout. We will reply to you normally within 24 hrs..


    First Contact

    Once we have established what your cabling requirements are we will book a suitable time for a technician to attend. If you email us then a member of our staff will either schedule a time via return email or telephone if you have provided your contact number


    Technician Attendance

    On the day of the technician attendance the technician will send you an SMS to inform you when they are on their way. Callouts are generally booked with a two hour arrival time frame.


    Work Process

    The attending technician will perform the required cabling in compliance with Australian standards. If the work involves a broadband fault or speed issue the technician will test the external NBN/Telstra line for any faults which may affect the service. Any internal faults can be rectified by the technician on the day.



    After all work has been completed the technician will issue you with an invoice detailing all work carried out. If the testing of the carrier’s network located any faults then a detailed report based on the test data will be emailed to the customer to forward on to their service provider for further investigation.

    ADSL - VDSL - network - cabling and fault location

    Unlike most other technicians, we carry extensive test equipment which allows us to test on a basic level and also level 2 testing on the spot. Most technicians are only capable of basic level 1 testing which if found to be inconclusive, requires a second level 2 technician to attend for more advanced testing. We test on level 2 as our standard level of testing which includes copper testing of the Telstra line and internal cabling. Exchange end testing is also available if requested by the customers ISP.

    We know what makes broadband work and what causes it to not work. With thousands of faults found throughout our many years of working in the communications industry, there is nothing that we haven’t come across before. We can quickly identify what the cause of your issue is. With our vast experience and the use of specialised test equipment, we can usually locate the cause of your fault within 20minutes.
    Our standard level of testing includes:

  • TDR Test (Time-Domain Reflectometer)
  • Background Noise Interference
  • DSL line sync rates at various points
  • Resistance
  • Capacitance
  • Loop Balance
  • Impulse Noise
  • Load Coil Detection
  • DSL line sync rates at various points

  • For faults found to be outside of Telstra/NBN minimum specifications, we can report these findings directly to the customer's service provider, or provide the customer with a report to pass onto their provider. We have developed a system of fault reporting which is designed to clearly relay the test results to the service provider for further investigation by a Telstra/NBN technician.
    Faults found on the customer side of the network boundary can be resolved on the spot, as technicians carry a range of cable and socket types to cater for almost any situation. .

    We Specialise in Fault Location for DSL Services

    The video clip on the right shows a typical callout where the service provider had sent us a fault ticket to investigate low ADSL sync rate. On this occasion we identified several issues on the customer side of the network boundary which was the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) in this case.
    After resolving the internal issues the sync rate increased from 2mbps to 17mbps. Time on site was around 30 min. We have attended thousands of faults just like this one over the years that we have been in operation and in the majority of cases we can either resolve the issue on the spot or locate the cause if the fault is external to the customer property.

    Fault Location for DSL Services

    We are the number 1 in fault location and repair for DSL and network issues.

    When your network goes down, you can rely on eTechs to support you in the field to get you back on line as fast as possible. We have extensive experience in equipment replacement such as switches, routers, Carrier grade wireless radio equipment or simply a power cycle. eTechs can be available 24 Hrs per day to support you. eTechs is the best insurance an ISP could have with the peace of mind of knowing that someone will be there at any time, day or night to support your network.
    • 24 Hour 7 days Emergency callout available.
    • Regular Maintenance including Hardware and software upgrades.

    Full field technician support for ISPs

    We provide full in the field technical support for internet service providers. From end to end metallic copper testing, to equipment replacement. eTechs have a long history of providing in-field support for some of the largest ISPs in Australia.


    Network Cabling

    eTechs Communications offers a one source solution for your structured cabling needs. Our approach is to first assess your existing and future network requirements, then to work with you to implement the best solution at the best price: on time, and on budget. Throughout the process we will ensure the highest quality service and will strive to exceed your expectations at every step of the way. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Data cabling (CAT5e, CAT6, & CAT6a LAN cable installation)
  • Patch panel installation & termination
  • Data cabinet / rack installations
  • Voice & telephone cabling / wiring
  • Wi-Fi / Wireless network access point cabling and installation
  • Point to Point wireless bridge installation
  • From a single network link to a complete home/office fitout. You can rely on eTechs to get it done.
    Contact us for more info

    Creative Network design and build

    Every network is unique and requires a design that suits the customer's requirements. We conduct a complete and comprehensive site survey before commencing any work. Rest assured that the network that we install will be the best suited to your needs.


    We provide an extensive range of services related to all types of broadband and communication services.

    A to B MDF connections

    If you live in an apartment building and have ordered a broadband service you may need a private technician to attend to connect your apartment to the incoming line at the building Main Distribution frame. A - B Jumpering. Connect your Internet connection at the building MDF. Includes the call-out charge, as well as the first 30 minutes on site. This is normally ample time to complete the connection. We don't just connect your service and hope it works like other companies do... We use ADSL/VDSL specific test equipment to ensure you have the optimum connection available.

    ADSL VDSL fault location

    If you have slow internet speeds or loss of connectivity then you may have an issue with either your internal house wiring or there may be an issue on the carrier cable. We can quickly test your service to identify the cause of your issues.

    NBN Cabling

    If you have, or are getting NBN connected, then you may need additional cabling. If the NBN equipment is not installed in a convenient location, we can install additional cabling to distribute the NBN to a convenient location or multiple locations.

    NBN and your telephone

    If you have had NBN connected then you will most likely find that your telephone sockets no longer work. If this is the case, we can reinstate your existing telephone sockets by patching your new NBN service to your existing telephone cabling.

    Home or Office Cabling

    We are data and voice cable network installation and repair specialists. We can help you with every aspect of your home or office computer and data network cabling from design and installation to repairs and upgrades. From a single room to room data cable, to a whole home or whole office cable installation, eTechs can provide you with a solution to meet your current and future needs.

    ISP End to end Testing

    We can offer Internet service providers with full end to end testing of DSL services from the DSLAM right through to the customer socket. Extensive reporting of findings is provided through our reporting system.


    Below you will find some images and video of our services.