adsl/NBN/vdsl Connection Analysis

  • A digital and physical inspection of your cabling infrastructure. We can pinpoint any issues which may be causing speed loss or connection dropouts and repair them.
  • Using ADSL/VDSL specific test equipment, we analyse your connection i.e. background noise testing, channel bit loading evaluation, analyse signal to noise ratios, analyse attenuation in each frequency across the entire usable spectrum, test for packet loss, bit error rate testing.. etc
  • Includes callout plus up to 1.5hrs on site.  This is the average time it takes to find and repair any issues with existing cabling infrastructure. 
  • Material costs for repairs are charged extra, but are generally minimal.



  • 4 x CAT6 Data Points cabled to a central location.
  • Includes labour and materials.
  • Additional points charged at $165.

(Applies to standard installations only. Non standard, unusually difficult installations will be quoted)


MDF Connections

  • A - B Jumpering.  Connect your Internet connection at the building MDF.
  • Includes the call-out charge, as well as the first  30 minutes on site. This is normally ample time to complete the connection.
  • We don't just connect your service and hope it works like other companies do... We use ADSL/VDSL specific test equipment to ensure you have the optimum connection available.